Get INSANE in your store through our INSANE DIRECT program! ​

We at Insane Comics will do almost anything to get our books into your store.   At the same time, remember that creator owned indie books do not operate at the same margin levels as the big boys.  Nonetheless, we feel that our INSANE DIRECT program is extremely comparable and fair.

 - You will receive a generous discount from the cover price (these are shown displayed in the INSANE      DIRECT storefront).

 - In addition, you will receive even greater discounts on your order if you purchase, $125, $200, or          $500 worth of books!
 - YES!  We will ship anywhere in the world (shipping extra).   We are confident that we can work             something out!
 - You will receive one (1) FREE random book for every ten (10) books that you order

 - Every book will have a bar code!

 - All orders will be received within six weeks of ordering.
 - After a steady partnership has been built, we can bill you for the orders to be paid within thirty (30)    days
 - We will advertise your store right here on our website as well as our social media pages on                    Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram to draw more customers into your store!

Here is what you do

You must first register with Insane Comics to get access to the
INSANE DIRECT section in our storefront.  Send us an email at and include your store name, address, phone number, email address, and tax identification number.

You will receive an email providing you with access to the INSANE DIRECT section in our storefront.

Browse the titles, place your order, and sit back knowing that you just did a good thing by allowing your customers the opportunity to go INSANE!

If you don't want to use the storefront to place your order, we are okay with that!   Just drop us an email at -  - tell us what books you want and we will send you an invoice via PayPal!

​​Don't be the only retailer that has to say "sorry, we don't get INSANE!"​

If you frequent a comic shop, ask them to start carrying titles from Insane Comics!

BREAKING NEWS!! Insane Comics can now be found at Royal Collectibles - 9601 Metropolitan Ave # 1, Flushing, NY 11375! Get in there are tell them you are ready to go INSANE! !