Insane Comics will be making some INSANE announcements in the second half of July! Watch our Facebook Page for all the excitement! Isn't it time that you went INSANE?!!

Get INSANE in your store through our RETAIL DIRECT program!
We at Insane Comics will do almost anything to get our books into your store.   At the same time, remember that creator owned indie books do not operate at the same margin levels as the big boys.  Nonetheless, we feel that our RETAIL DIRECT program is extremely comparable and fair.

 - You will receive a
forty percent (40%) discount from cover (this is automatically calculated in the order form below)

 - Shipping is only $10 for anywhere in the U.S.  

 - YES!  We will ship anywhere in the world (shipping extra).   We are confident that we can work something out!
 - You will receive one (1) FREE random book for every ten (10) books that you order

 - Depending on the order size, there will be additional promo items such as prints, bookmarks, t-shirts, etc.
 - After a steady partnership has been built, we can bill you for the orders to be paid within thirty (30) days

 - We will advertise your store right here on our website as well as our social media pages on Facebook & Twitter!

Here is what you do

  1. Visit our Insane Comics Store
  2. Browse our title selection (Note - it is important to click into the title to see which issues are available or download the order form to see which issues are available).
  3. Make your list 
  4. Click the order form button below to download the Retail Order Form - the order form will do all the calculations as well as show you the potential profit to be made!  The more you order, the greater the savings, the more profit to be made!
  5. Submit to Insane Comics via email at

If you don't want to use the order form and still want to place an order, we are okay with that!   Just drop us an email at -

Don't be the only retailer that has to say "sorry, we don't get INSANE!"

updated 16 March 2017